Health, Fitness & Ketogenic Lifestyle – The Result!

Well the Algarve Walking Football Cup tournament has come and gone and so I’ve got a chance to update the results of my change to a ketogenic lifestyle. The bad news is that my new found figure and fitness regime did not result in scoring any goals in the tournament, but I did reach my weight goal of losing 2 stone 2 pounds (13.6 kilos), albeit 2 days after.

Clearly it has been a success, evidenced not just by the figures, but also by a couple of teammates now embarking on their own regimes. I believe the success has been down to the following factors;

  • Planning the best time to start the regime (better term than diet!) For me it was at the start of a period when we didn’t have any social events planned.
  • Coming to realise that I could distract myself from feeling hungry (I was occasionally!) by doing things rather than focussing on the hunger. I also realised that it’s good to be a little hungry before you eat. Too often I was in the habit of eating, just because it was the usual time.
  • Realising how I was eating was not healthy and that I don’t need the sugary treats I was indulging in.
  • Best of all, having a knowledgeable wife guiding, supporting, monitoring and cajoling! And serving up some tasty new low carb recipes.

So, here’s the pictorial evidence – but be warned, it’s still not a pretty sight…

I think it’s a whole lot better without all that flab. I do seem to have more energy these days (I don’t fall asleep watching movies!) , my mood is better and more relaxed (mostly), I sleep better and I really enjoy meals.

I now need to work at firming things up, but from here I intend to start introducing some carbs back into my diet and also cut back on some of the beers and treats I used to indulge in… mostly.


32 Teams, 200+ players, one congested pitch!
Brown’s Players. Note: The location is just a figment of the author’s imagination…

Brown’s Sports & Leisure Club in Vilamoura hosted the Algarve Walking Football Cup in October 2018. Thirty two teams took part, sixteen in both the over 50’s and over 60’s categories. Brown’s had three teams; Brown’s 1 were entered in the over 60’s  category, Brown’s 2 & 3 were entered in the over 50’s.

Brown’s 1 take on Ormskirk North in the Saturday knockout stage of the over 60’s category. Managed by the mighty Ron, they won a penalty shoot out courtesy of some fine shots, but also three saves from “H”‘.

Blog author Sundance (no. 5, aka ‘The Sprinkler’), player, blogger, and videographer sporting his sleek new look in Brown 2’s first  group game against Sheffield Wednesday CP1. The result was 3-2 to Brown’s.

Manager, captain and all round good guy Rodders et al show off their prowess in a hard fought group game against Sáo Bras. Apologies for poor sound quality due to wind noise.


More to follow when time allows…