I’m not the most thorough researcher when it comes to travel plans, preferring to take what comes, as we meander along our journey, but Her Outdoors is . So, whenever we travel from/to the UK in our camper van, she likes to find and take in, the the many Unesco world heritage sites on our route through France, Spain and Portugal. Sometimes, through shortage of time, or lack of internet connection, the research can be minimal and we miss things, or leave them for another visit.

On a previous trip we visited Mérida in Spain and were quite impressed with the aqueduct there we came upon. As we were keen to get to Portugal, we only stayed one night and so had a quick recce at the aqueduct, rather than walk along it’s original 17 km length! We took the pics, parked up for the night and then got an early start the next day. What a mistake!

Mérida Aquaduct

Alzheimer’s Alert here… last year when we decided to visit Mérida, we had forgotten all about our previous visit! What a wonderful surprise, then to discover the amazing and extensive Roman ruins that we had been totally unaware of on our previous visit.

Wondering about the Monty Python and Ben Hur references? You’ll have to watch the video to find out… Or, unlike me, do more detailed research!

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