This section will follow our progress as the uncultivated meadow  gets tamed and the developed areas are maintained and developed further. All in the fullness of time of course!

You can take a look at a snapshot below, of how it looks after a few months of us being here and some of the areas that have had a little TLC. You might also like to take a look at our Cambridge garden (coming soon), the start of ‘Her Outdoors’ passion for gardening.


First Year Developments – watch for future blogs

  • Learning about pool maintenance
  • Trimming Trees
  • Building a vegetable garden
  • Planting/propagating avos, persimmon trees
  • Cutting wood for wood pile
  • Palm tree pruning & trimming
  • Understanding Portuguese Plumbing
  • Learning about/developing succulents
  • Building a Petanque piste
  • Extending Driveway
  • To plough or not to plough, that is the question.
  • Learning the language
  • UK/Portuguese childcare
  • Getting married